The Story of Ramen

The Story of Ramen

I love eating ramen (or any noodles, really) and never thought to make my own until my team went off-site to take a ramen making class at The Story of Ramen. To my surprise, it was really easy and only took 4 ingredients to make. I’m going to be real and admit that I doubt I’ll be making my own ramen anytime soon, but it was fun to learn how to make it. 

We took the 2 hour class and we only made the ramen noodles (they made the broth, egg, pork, toppings, etc). The 4 hour class teaches you how to make the broth as well, but I’m pretty sure my team doesn’t have that long an attention span (we just mostly prefer to eat). 2 hours was perfect for us and we got to eat our ramen after. 

As we walked in and got settled, they started us off with some delicious gyoza. We also marked how we liked our broth on our chopstick wrapper, which I thought was kind of cool. 

To learn how we made the ramen, see below for the recipe. All ingredients and instructions are copy and pasted from The Story of Ramen’s website (mostly for my convenience). 


Serving size: 2

  • 180g Bread flour
  • 66g Water
  • 3g Lye water or alkaline water
  • 2g Fine sea salt
Bread flour in one bowl and water, lye water and sea salt in the other


  1. Place the flour on a large bowl.
  2. Place water, salt, and lye water or alkaline water in a separate small bowl and stir to dissolve the salt with a pair of chopsticks.
  3. Gradually pour the liquid into the bowl, while stirring the flour with a pair of chopsticks to soak the liquid. When the liquid is all poured, stir with chopsticks to make sure all the flour absorb some water and break up big pieces of flour into smaller chunks.
  4. Using your hands, squeeze the flour into a dough and pour the dough on a working table or a large wooden cutting board.
  5. Slightly flatten the dough. Feed it into a pasta roller using the thickest setting. 
  6. Feed the dough into the roller a few times until it comes together. Then, fold it once and repeatedly feed it in until it is smooth.
  7. Dust the noodle sheet with potato flour or corn starch if you intend to store the noodles. If you intend to cook the noodles immediately you can skip this step.
  8. Using the spaghetti attachment, cut the noodle sheets into noodles.
  9. Immediately put the noodles into a noodle strainer and then into a pot of boiling water. Cook for 1 minute 30 seconds. Stir constantly.
  10. Immediately strain the noodles and shake vertically to get rid of any excess water.
  11. Place the noodles in a ramen bowl. Top with your desired toppings, then pour hot boiling broth into the bowl.
90 seconds until meal time


The ramen we made was actually pretty good! I was surprised that you didn’t need that many ingredients to make it. The texture was a thick noodle and it had a good chewiness. The broth that they made for us was pretty good as well and it was overall a successful meal.

“Homemade” ramen!

We ended the event with some ice cream mochi. I’m not sure if they were homemade or not, but the mango one was super good!

Green tea and mango ice cream mochi


Overall, it was a fun and interactive class to do with my team. The 2 hour class was just enough time for us to do a small activity (make the ramen) and then bond (over eating the ramen that we made). The instructor was also super nice and patient with us as we all took pictures and videos for our instagram (he even mentioned that if we wanted to take a video of the machine cutting the pasta, it would take about 12 seconds). I would recommend this to other teams for their off-site/bonding activities or even for anyone who wants to learn how to cook something new.