Spend a relaxing day at Tea House Spa

Tea House Spa | 112 Elm St., Santa Cruz, CA 95060

I know how those 9-5 jobs feel and sometimes (ok, usually) I can’t wait for the weekend so I have some time for a quick get away. Most weekends, I don’t have enough time (or money) to do an actual get away so an afternoon at the Tea House Spa in Santa Cruz, CA was perfect.

Front walkway

Tea House Spa

You can probably guess based on the name what you can do here – drink tea and enjoy the spa (and massages as well).

The unique thing about this place is that it’s like a private onsen in Japan and each of their 4 spa rooms has a hot tub with jets and a view of their 70 year old bamboo garden! There are a couple of rooms where you can book the sauna as well.

View of the 70 year old bamboo garden


Each booking also comes with tea for you to enjoy while you relax. They have a unique selection of tea including caramelized pear, hibiscus peppermint, and french lemon ginger. They also have a large selection of white, black, green, herbal and pu-erh teas to choose from.

Tea to enjoy while in the hot tub

To Book

You can all them at (831) 426-9700 to make a reservation or book on their website: https://www.teahousespa.com/

You can book:

  • Massages (ranging from 25-180 minutes)
  • Spa (book in half hour increments)
  • Spa and Sauna (book in half hour increments)

The Experience

We got the whole experience – 60 minute massages, then 30 minutes in the spa and sauna.

When we arrived, we checked in and they had us choose our tea. Then, they gave us little baskets with a robe and sandals to change into after our massage to go to the spa.

Spa supplies in a basket

I chose to get a deep tissue massage. The masseuse was friendly and we chatted for a little bit. I told her which spots I wanted to work on and she gave it some attention. I felt pretty good afterwards though I felt like there could have been a little more pressure.

Massage room

After the massage, we got shown to our spa room and we were welcomed by a nice hot tub and a gorgeous view of the bamboo garden. It was nice to relax even more in the hot tub and drink some tea and we attempted to go in the sauna and lasted about 5 minutes before it got too stuffy.

BTW, dress code is whatever you’re comfortable in 😉


Overall, it was a nice relaxing afternoon. I thought the massage was good (though it could have been deeper), but I loved the spa and tea experience as it was really relaxing and I wish I booked a whole hour instead of only half. It was nice to be in a different environment and get my mind away from the busy-ness of being in the city all the time.


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