Tacros at Vive La Tarte

Vive La Tarte | 166 The Embarcadero, Ste 50/ Kiosk 1, San Francisco, CA 94105

This is going to be super short, but it deserves it’s own blog post because it’s that good. I’ve never been to Vive La Tarte before, but I heard they have a tacro (taco + croissant) and because I’m sadly one of those millennials that have to try the newest craze, so I made a trip to the city during a day of funemployement to try one.


There are 2 Vive La Tartes in the city, but I think only the kiosk that’s attached to the Ferry Building sells the tacros. Though they typically open at 8:00am, they don’t start selling the tacros until 11:00am and they have a limited amount. I got there about half an hour after 11:00am and they only had a few left.

The tacro

They have 3 kinds: pulled pork and pineapple, chicken and avocado, and jackfruit bbq.

Per the cashier’s recommendation, I got the pulled pork and pineapple tacro and took it behind the ferry building to eat it on the bench with a water view.

To my surprise, I loved it! The croissant part that acts as the taco holds the filling together and was super warm, light, buttery and flaky. It also had a perfect crisp on the outside and was soft on the inside. The pulled pork was tender, moist and well flavored. The pineapple was ripe and added a nice sweetness that complimented the flavors of the pork. The sprouts and radish on top didn’t really do much but added a pretty decoration on top. Though it was just one tacro, it was actually pretty filling.

The verdict

It was worth the hype. I would get this again.


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