Sixth Course – Desserts that are almost too pretty to eat

Sixth Course | 1544 15th St., San Francisco, CA 94103

This post is going to be short, but sweet (pun intended).

The store

Have you’ve ever been to a shop and think that some things are too pretty to eat? I definitely get that reaction when I walk into Sixth Course. It’s a dessert, chocolate and gelato shop, but I headed straight for the cakes as that’s usually my dessert of choice. They rotate their selection every season so that you get to try something new every few months.

The price

My friend and I went in after dinner one night and we couldn’t decide on what we wanted so we got 2 cakes! Just a warning – one “slice” of cake is pretty much going to cost you just about as much as a an entree (the carrot cake was $14 and the mother earth was $16). If you’re willing to splurge though, it’s so worth it! Not only are they super pretty and creative, the texture of it is SO soft when you bite into it. Like, incredibly soft. Like eating a cloud of cake soft.

The cakes

We got the Carrot Cake and Mother Earth and I really couldn’t tell you which one I liked more. If you like fruity, the carrot cake had an amazing pineapple compote and walnuts for crunch. If you like chocolate, the Mother Earth had a nice air-y chocolate cake with a delicious raspberry filling to compliment it. Did I mention that both the cakes are so soft?

Front cake: Carrot Cake | Walnut lace soil, cream cheese mousse, fresh pineapple compote, carrot cake with walnuts; Back cake: Mother Earth | Cocoa nib soil, chocolate chantilly, chocolate raspberry mousse, raspberry confit jam, chocolate sponge cake, raspberry pate sablee

The verdict

So pretty, so delicious, and so worth the splurge!


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