Paint & Sip at Palm House

Palm House San Francisco | 2032 Union St, San Francisco, CA 94123

Despite the constant rain that we’ve been having in San Francisco lately, it was so nice for the clouds to hide and the sun to make an appearance on the one day I hosted my team outing to Paint & Sip at Palm House in San Francisco. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day to paint the SF skyline while sipping on tropical drinks and feeling the breeze coming from the open window as if we were really in the Caribbean (or so we at least tried to pretend).

Tropical Vibes
Obsessed with the high ceilings, skylights, and cute decor!


As we waited for the stragglers in our group of 20 to arrive, we started with some appetizers and I also chose a Chipotle Mango Margarita to have in hand. The chipotle infused tequila gave me a good kick start to the event, while the mango, lime and agave cooled it down for a refreshing drink. We also munched on Jerk Chicken Empanadas, Vegetarian Lumpia, Sweet Potato Fries, and Spiced Fries. Everything was good, but the spiced fries were super addicting!


All 20 of us shared a long table as we watch our instructor teach us how to paint the San Francisco skyline with the Golden Gate Bridge. Despite my lack of creativity and artistic talent, everyone complimented me on how well I did. I told them that I followed the instructor’s instructions to the tee. If she said paint the TransAmerica building purple, I painted it purple; if she were to say paint a bear on the bridge, I would have painted a bear.

Guess which personal touch was mine?


After painting, we had dinner for those who wanted to stay. Since I picked the menu, I knew I wanted to stay. If you’re going to refuse my menu choice of tacos, you’re probably better off fending for yourself that night anyways.


Prickly Pear Slushy | Frozen with white rum, spiced rum, fresh lime juice Pina Colada | White rum, coconut puree, pineapple gomme, lime

To start dinner off, I got a prickly pear slushy to compliment the beautiful day outside. I added a rum float on top per the waiter’s recommendation and was pleased with the outcome. I’m pretty sure the sugar and syrup hid most of the alcoholic taste because it tasted like a poolside slushy, but it worked well for me.


Puerto Rican Smashed Avocado | Assorted Chips, gem lettuce, chili oil

Who in California doesn’t like avocado? This is a good light starter as they were preparing the rest of the meal.

Pineapple Quinoa Salad | Pineapple poke, quinoa, kale puffed wild rice

This is only a serving of the salad on my plate and not really what give you. I liked the pineapples, but I could have gone without this dish. The quinoa was kind of boring and the dish as a whole didn’t have too much flavor.


Hawaiian BBQ Pork Tacos | Pineapple relish, fried pickled shallots, mango BBQ, sambal aioli
Jerk Chicken Tacos | Avocado Mousse, jerk slaw, tropical salsa
Roasted Vegetable Tacos | seasonal roasted vegetables, pickled red onion, ranchero salsa, cotija

All the tacos were delicious! The pork had a sweet and tangy flavor, the chicken was super tender and flavorful and the vegetarian (which was filled with brussel sprouts) was really good as well! The tortillas were cooked well and each bite was super juicy. I wanted to keep eating despite that I already had one of each and I was stuffed at this point.


Beignets | Seasonal jam, rum caramel

When I saw beignets as an option for dessert, I knew I had to add them on there. The beignet came out warm and carb-by. By itself, it wasn’t sweet (aside for some dusted powdered sugar), but by add some seasonal jam and rum caramel (which was delicious!), it was like sugar heaven. As stuffed as I was, it was a great way to end the meal.


Palm House is an amazing place to host an event or to grab dinner on a gorgeous San Francisco day. I love the tropical vibes, the refreshing cocktails and flavorful food. I would come back again for a happy hour or to enjoy a small “vacation” through food and drinks.


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