Lychee Ginger Spritzer

I’ve always wanted to make cocktails. Mostly because they look pretty. And they’re sweet, which I like. This one was inspired by my love for lychee, mojitos and some random browsing on Pinterst.


*makes 1 pitcher about 6 drinks depending on your cup size or how much ice you put

  • 1 2-liter bottle of ginger ale
  • 1 can of lychee in lychee syrup
  • 1 bunch mint leaves
  • 1 lime
  • Optional: ice

How to make it

– Pick 6 two inch mint stem with leaves for decor. Set aside.
– Wash the mint leaves; tear them up into small pieces and put it in your pitcher
– Open the can of lychee and pour all of it in the pitcher
– Open the ginger ale and pour all of it in the pitcher
– Cut lime into 6 slices. Or you can cut them into 8 slices, use 6 for garnish and squeeze the other 2 in the spritzer.
– Mix and pour into cups. If you want, pour the lychee and mint in the cups too. Add ice if you want it.
– Garnish by putting one mint stem at the top of the drink and one lime on the rim of the cup.


Overall, it was pretty good. As much as I love sweet, it was a bit on the sweeter side because of all the lychee syrup. I thought it tasted mostly like lychee and one guest said it tasted mostly like ginger ale for him. To cut the sweetness, I would do half ginger ale and half sparkling water next time. But obviously adjust to your preference. As much mint as I put, I wish it was a little mintier. I would suggest meddling it (crushing it) like they do for mojitos so all the mint flavor comes out before you add it to the drink. I was a little crammed for time and took the easy way out. It was a good try as I’ve never made it before and with some minor adjustments, I think I can make it great.



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