Lovejoy’s Tea Room

Lovejoy's Tea Room | 1351 Church St., San Francisco, CA 94114

Crustless sandwiches, delicious teas, cute desserts… what more could you want when you’re at a bridal shower at Lovejoy’s Tea Room?

The Location

Lovejoy’s Tea Room is located in Noe Valley in San Francisco. There’s typically only street parking and since there’s usually no spots available and I suck at parallel parking, I just took an Uber out. If you have time, there’s some cute shops around the area to browse.

The Ambiance

This is not your grandmother’s house, but it might remind you of it. The interior have pretty lavender walls and a mismatch of furniture and place settings that all somehow still work together. I love all the florals and the lace and the cutesy/girliness of this place.

The Food

We ordered a few of the Queen’s Tea which came with tea sandwiches, salad, scone, crumpet, fruit, petit four and tea. They stack them on tier plates which is a perfect arrangement for and IG photo. To be honest, I thought most of the food was just okay. The sandwiches were simple and the salad was a spring mix that I can get at Costco. The crumpets were my favorite though especially with the lemon curd. No one else was touching them which meant more for me! The scones were really good as well and were super light and fluffy. The also end the tea service with a petite four.

The Tea

There’s a huge selection of tea (it is a tea room after all). We got a combination of black teas, green teas, but the fruity teas are always my favorite. They steep it straight from teh tea leaf and you can taste the quality and flavor from every pot. If you like tea, you’ll most likely be able to find it on their extensive list.


Overall, this is a really cute place to hang with the girls and have an afternoon meal. The ambience is fun and the teas are great. The food is decent and the pastries are delicious!



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