Lights Fest 2018

What an experience to to go to the Light Fest in Willows, CA this year. I tried to go last year in SoCal and was ready to go with a ticket and a flight until they switched locations and then had permit issues and ended up cancelling the event. I was super disappointed as it looks like a cool event and was excited to see it come up here to NorCal. Though I was skeptical because of what happen last year, I decided to give it another chance as it’s a lot easier on the travel plans if something were to happen again.

Luckily, the event carried on this time and I was able to send my creatively decorated lantern up to the sky along with thousands of other lanterns. We arrived at the festival right when doors opened at 3pm and was able to avoid all the traffic and lines. We spread out our blankets, put our sunglasses on, grabbed some lemonade and was able to enjoy the surprisingly warm weather and a few local artists that came to perform.

Everyone chilling, enjoying the warm weather and waiting for it to get dark so that we can send our lanterns up to the sky.
Started decorating my lantern. Can you guess what this is?

You can decorate your lantern however you want. It’s meant for hopes, dreams, wishes, and anything you treasure. Obviously there was only one thing on my mind at the time…

Was able to catch the sunset as we waited.
Almost dark! All the tiki torches are lit.
Sending my lantern up to the sky (Don’t worry, it’s biodegradable whenever it comes down).
So many lanterns lit up the sky!

I wish I had a better camera (these were taken on my iPhone 6. Yes, I know I’m really behind on technology) because the moment was so much more beautiful than these blurry pictures. It was so nice to see a crowd come light up the sky and enjoy life together. Unfortunately, the wind actually started picking up and blew out some of the flames and lanterns started falling all over the place. If you ignore that part, the rest of it was truly a beautiful sight.

I don’t really know how to describe how amazing it is to see this (clearly) so I encourage you to check it out if you have the opportunity. You will not be disappointed.



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