Lapisara Eatery

As much as I love the typical San Francisco brunch of simple interiors, wooden furniture, succulent as decorations and avocado toast on the menu, I love when a place mixes it up and has something different on the menu as well. Lapisara Eatery has some Thai fusion items that I was excited to check out.


I love blue and was immediately drawn to the light blue walls, open space and comfortable seating. I love when colors lighten up the room and the large windows with natural lighting are nice as well.


They have your typical brunch menu items (benedicts, waffles, omelette, and yes – avocado toast), but they also have their “Special Brunch” menu with Thai fusion items that I came for.

What to eat

As always, I was indecisive and couldn’t decide so I got both the Tom Yum Chicken Burrito and The Phanang Curry Tacos.

The Tom Yum Chicken Burrito had fluffy rice, tender chicken, flavorful herbs and was loaded with tom yum flavor which I love. I hate it when a flavor is advertised and it doesn’t come through, but this burrito really delivered.

The tacos were full of flavor as well, especially from the generous portion of tender beef. The Thai herbs on top really complimented the whole dish.

Also, let’s not forget about the perfectly crispy and super addicting chips with the tom yum sauce – delicious!

Tom Yum Chicken Burrito | chicken, red onions, green onions, mushrooms, thai herb salad, thai fried rice, tom yum sauce, serve with tortilla chips
Phanang Curry Tacos | beef, phanang curry, bell peppers, red onions, thai herb salad, lime leaf, white corn tortillas


I didn’t try the rest of the menu, but I’m a fan of the Thai fusion brunch items here. Come for a cute atmosphere and delicious food.


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