Kura Revolving Sushi

Kura Revolving Sushi | 19600 Vallco Pkwy, Ste 160, Cupertino, CA 95014

Sushi is one of my favorite foods and it’s pretty cool that Kura Revolving Sushi makes it a little interactive to eat.

How it works

It almost doesn’t matter what time of day you eat, there’s most likely going to be a line. Add your name to the waitlist on the ipad outside of the restaurant and expect to wait a little bit (or realistically a couple of hours). Protip: they now have an app you can can download to put your name down remotely to shorten the wait a little bit. To be honest, there’s not too much around the area except for more restaurants on the same street and a bar in the corner so find something to keep yourself entertained while you wait. They will text you when you’re being seated soon and your whole party must be present.

Once you’re seated, you’ll see sushi revolving around on a conveyor belt next to your table. You grab what you want to eat off that belt and pay for what you eat after.

If you don’t see what you want on the conveyor belt, there is also a TV screen above your table where you can scroll on the menu and order. Once your order is ready, it will arrive at your table on another conveyor belt above the sushi (or a server brings it to the table depending on what it is).

The food

I come for the nigiris, but there’s also plenty of hand rolls, sushi rolls, appetizers, drinks, desserts, ramen and Japanese tapas. For the price ($2.75/plate), you get about 2 nigiris and the quality of fish is actually really good. Some of my faves are:

A few other items:

How to pay

After you eat (or during if you want to as well), there is a slot on the edge of your table that you feed your plates to. Drop your empty plates into the slot and it will calculate your bill. Drop in 5 or 10 plates and little videos pop up on your TV screen for you to enjoy. Drop in 15 plates and there is a toy machine above that dispenses you a little surprise.


I think grabbing what you want to eat off a revolving conveyor belt is a cool concept to eat a meal. It’s not exactly order to table since some of the items revolve around the belt a couple of times, but I think the quality is really decent, especially for the price point. I pretty much come here to get affordable nigiris and have not been disappointed yet. If you can tolerate the wait to get in, it’s a fun experience.


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