Ice Cream Bears

To end my Japanese dinner, I wanted to make a cute dessert. I’ve always wanted to do something with ice cream and decided to make an ice cream bear. I looked for inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest and realized that I didn’t want to spend on a whole bag of garnish for just a few pieces (like to buy a whole bag of marshmallows just so I can get 8 pieces). So I dug around my kitchen to see what I had and made something out of it. Here’s how to make my creation:


  • green tea ice cream (or your favorite type of ice cream)
  • chocolate chips
  • melting chocolate

How to make it

– For the nose, melt 4-6 melting chocolate in the microwave for 30 seconds; take out and stir; microwave for another 30 seconds; stir. Repeat until melted.
– Use a stick (a piping bag with a tip would be easier if you have one) and draw the nose and smile out on parchment paper; pop it in the freezer for a couple of minutes and you should easily be able to peel it away from the parchment paper.

Putting it together

– Scoop a ball of ice cream. The rounder the better. Scoop as big or as little as you like. Dip your ice cream scooper in hot water to scoop the ice cream easier.
– Place on tray/plate/bowl.
– Add 2 melting chocolates for ears, 2 chocolate chips (pointy side in first) for eyes, and your melted chocolate nose underneath the eyes.
– Optional: put each one in the freezer while you make the next one to keep them from melting


Overall, I think it could look a little more professional, but they were still really cute! It’s pretty hard to scoop the ice cream into a perfect ball, so it’s fine if it’s not perfect. I think if I took my time on this (got a piping bag, took the time to make a round scoop), it would turn out a lot better, but I’m very satisfied with this being my first ice cream bear.



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