Half a Day in Milan, Italy

When we booked our trip to Italy, the cheapest airport to fly into was the Milan airport. We did a round trip to and from Milan to save on costs as going between cities by train was cheaper than flying into a city like Rome. I heard that there isn’t much to do in Milan unless you’re into high fashion shopping so we spent our only half a day there before heading home.

We arrive in Milan around 4:00pm local time and checked into our airbnb and had some time to do some light exploring and then go to dinner.

Where we stayed

We stayed at the LOCANDA al DUOMO airbnb which was an apartment that was super convenient to the train station and the famous Duomo. The apartment had 1 bedroom (with a full bed), a bathroom and a twin bed out in the living room for a third person if needed. It had a full kitchen as well and the space was very clean and comfortable. I would recommend this airbnb.

Duomo di Milano

If you only had a couple hours to visit Milan, it should be to see the Duomo di Milano which is a huge gothic style cathedral. Not only is it impressive from far away, but if you look at it closely, there are so many intricate details and sculptures that should be piece of art of it’s own. It took a total of 6 centuries to complete.

Duomo at sunset:


Duomo at night:


Galleria Vittorio Emauele II

This this world’s oldest and elegant shopping centers and it’s in the same square as the Duomo. It’s filled with high end shops like Chanel, Prada and Gucci. If you can’t afford anything like me, just go to browse at it’s beauty.



We tried to go shopping, but couldn’t the Corso Como 10 outlet by walking there. It was in the direction of where we were having dinner so it wasn’t a huge loss going in that direction. We found a few boutique shops along the way and even some street vendors selling crafts and jewelry.

Dinner at Ratanà

For our very last dinner in Italy, we splurge a little and ate at Ratanà. It’s a cute upscale restaurant in a little park and we were able to enjoy a warm night outside on the patio. I would recommend making a reservation since they get booked up pretty quickly. We got lucky that they were able to squeeze us in when we arrived.

They had a really good happy hour going on and a lot of bite size appetizers were only $4-6. I tried the Milanese meatballs which is one of the things this city is know for and was happily surprised to find that it’s a delicious ball of fried meat.

I also shared the Milanese style risotto with ossobuco (saffron risotto with oxtail) and the Roasted potato gnocchi with anchovy sauce, lime and black truffle. The risotto was cooked perfectly and had a nice fragrant saffron flavor. The oxtail was so tender and had a delicious gravy on top.

The gnocchi was probably one of my favorite meals in Italy. It had the softest most pillow-y potato gnocchi and the most delicious anchovy and truffle flavor mixed in. I almost regretted sharing as I could eat it all night.

Overall, everything was delicious and it was a great last dinner in Italy.


And of course, we had to end with one last gelato. We went to a high end chocolate shop called Venchi near the Duomo where they had really unique flavors like figs and pear. I got a scoop of each and the gelato was super creamy – almost like ice cream, and the flavors were great and not overpowering. I’m going to miss getting gelato everyday.


Though our stay was short in Milan, we were able to experience a little architecture, shopping and food and it was a good last day in Italy.

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