FoodieLand Night Market

It’s about time that there’s a night market in the Bay Area. It’s such a foodie paradise to be able to have such a huge selection of food to choose from. For $6, you get access to over 100 food vendors at Foodieland Night Market, which is an Asian inspired street food festival.


  • There are 3 events in total – 2 in the Summer and one in the Fall. The last date they will have it is Oct 4-6 (Friday-Sunday).
  • Location: Golden Gate Fields – North Lot (1100 Eastshore Hwy, Berkeley, CA 94710 (use Buchanan Street entrance))
  • Parking: There is a lot right next to the event where you can park in for a small fee. We went a little early and were lucky to find some free street parking.
  • Time: 3 PM – 11 PM
  • Event: Along with 100+ food vendors, there are also 50+ arts/crafts and merchandise vendors


There was only so much to eat, but unfortunately I could only eat so much. Here were a few items I got and I would recommend all of them!

Momo Noodle

I love noodles and was very satisfied that this was the first thing we ate. I love the egg noodles and the chili sauce was spicy, but so addicting.

Momo Spicy Noodle with Spicy Pork | Egg noodle mixed with signature house-made chili oil and szechwan pepper

Giant Deep Fried Squid

The name of this place says it all. It was literally a giant deep fried squid on a stick. They also had chili powder, garlic and cumin seasoning that you can add to your squid. I loved the combination of all the seasoning on top of the fried squid. Pro-tip: they have scissors where you can cut up your squid into your tray so that they are bite size pieces. Otherwise, the fried part falls all over the place if you try to eat it as is. This squid is also giant (as it says) so it’s definitely sharable between a few people (even though the two of us ate the whole thing).

Giant Deep Fried Squid

OG Tacos

You know it’s good when there’s a long line. We were at the picnic tables and saw a couple next to us eating this and knew it was something we wanted to eat next. Who could resist a crispy cheesy taco with tender and flavorful meat and delicious hot sauce? Pro-tip: get the consume’ and dunk the taco in there for even more flavor!

Quesabrirria | Crispy Birris Taco with cheese on a large corn tortilla & Consome’ | Birria broth

Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonade

All the salty food that we had made us thirsty and there was not a better drink to end than with a lemonade. Not only was it refreshing, but the flavor combination (strawberry, pina colada, and of course lemonade) was delicious. It was sweet and tart at the same time and worth the wait in line.

Lava Flow | Strawberry and pina colada


I’m not gonna lie – I was mostly here for the food. We browsed a few vendor and there were clothes, toys, jewelry and other gift items. They were cool to browse – in between digesting our last meal.


  • Wear comfortable walking shoes if you plan to be there for a while
  • Expect some long lines
  • Bring cash as some places are cash only
  • Bring water unless you plan on purchasing drinks


Overall, it was a good event because I love eating and there was so much food that we were able to choose from! All the food that we had were really good too. I would go back again to eat all the things I wanted to try, but didn’t have room for.