Evangeline | 1226 Washington St, Calistoga, CA 94515

I love dining around the Napa area! The weather is always great and there are so many cute restaurants with patios. We came to Evangeline for dinner after a day of wine tasting nearby.

Dining Area

They asked if we wanted to sit inside or outside. I can never resist sitting outside on a warm day. Also, how cute is this patio? I wouldn’t mind if my backyard looked like this.

The Food

We started by sharing a charcuterie board. All the meats were delicious and not dry (that’s one of my fears of thinly sliced meats). The crackers were good at balancing out the salt and I liked the tang from the pickled vegetables. My favorite is the pate. There’s something about soft ground up liver/meat parts that I really like (yeah, I know that sounds gross).

Charcuterie | a selection of cured meats each served with flatbread crackers, sea salt grissini, mustards, pickled vegetables

For our entrees, we had the duck confit and the burger. The duck confit was cooked perfectly as it had a tender center with crispy skin. The panko on top added a nice crunchy texture to it as well. The potato puree with the wine sauce was really good as well and was one of my favorite parts of the dish.

Duck Confit | liberty farms duck leg, yukon gold potato puree red wine spiced prunes, panko gremolata

The burger was good and disappointing at the same time. It was good as it was cooked well, had a delicious savory and cheesy flavor (I mean, look at the cheese), but I couldn’t really taste the bacon/onion compote (except the grease from it) and there was no vegetables! It was a really simple burger, but it was cooked well and had good flavors. But where are the vegetables??

Evangeline Burger | snake river farms american wagyu burger, bacon-onion compote, louie sauce, cheddar cheese, brioche bun, served with french fries


Overall, it was a really gorgeous place to have a nice meal. The staff is super nice and attentive and the atmosphere is really suiting for the Napa area. The food was really good despite my lack of vegetable complaint. That wouldn’t stop me from recommending this place though.



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