DOUGHP: Can Cookie Dough Replace Ice Cream?

I love ice cream, so when I see the new trend of cookie dough in a cup or a cone come around, I knew I had to try it to see if it was as good as ice cream. I mean, everyone loves sneaking raw cookie dough to eat before the cookies are baked, right?


For some reason, I feel like there would more of these cookie dough shops, but I only found DOUGHP Cookie Dough Bar (pronounced “dope’) in the middle of Pier 39. I dreaded making my way through this tourist trap, but I knew that if I came all the way here, I had to try it.

The cookie dough

Just like ice cream, you get a choice: cup or a cone. I was feeling adventurous and went for a lavender cone. I got the cookie monster cookie dough with more oreo cookies on top and sprinkles.

Though it made a pretty picture, the cookie dough was really heavy. I went through a few bites before I felt full and didn’t want to risk a sugar rush. The extra cookies and sprinkles that I added on top didn’t stick well and kept falling all over the place so thank goodness I took it outside to eat (you’re welcome, birds). I didn’t find it as appealing because it wasn’t chilled/cold and it was room temp instead. The consistency of the cookie dough wasn’t the smooth and silky texture of actual cookie dough, but was a little dry and cake-y.

The lavender cone was also not made in house (I know, I’m so high maintenance), and came out of a plastic bag and tastes of artificialness.

One cool thing though is that you can actually bake this into a cookie despite the lack of egg in the ingredients.


Though I think the concept of edible cookie dough is great, I couldn’t get on board with with texture and the heaviness. Though anyone can be fooled into thinking that this is ice cream, I rather go for the the cold, creamy and silky texture of ice cream.


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