Dim Sum – HL Peninsula Restaurant

I’d like to think that I’m pretty good at finding hot new restaurants like HL Peninsula Restaurant in the bay since I can browse Instagram (mostly food) and Pinterest for hours. Sometimes my mom surprises me though by sharing a place that I have never heard of (those Chinese newspaper ads really work). Despite the one hour wait on a Saturday morning, I was determined to try the green egg tarts and the purple rice noodle rolls.

Getting a Table

Because of the wait, you have to go to the front desk and grab a number. They give a ticket and will call your number when your table is ready. They have plenty of seating right outside the restaurant so you can chill there or you can go across the parking lot and browse Lowes if you really wanted to. Be careful though because if you miss your number, they will put you at the bottom of the list. They have a screen behind the desk to show who is being seated next, so that’s helpful.


This is like any other dim sum restaurant where they ladies come around with carts full of delicious food and ask you if you would like anything from their cart. If you don’t want to wait for food to come around though, there is a menu where you can mark what you want to order. Give it it anyone in a black vest and they will put the order in the kitchen and bring your food out once it’s ready. I prefer to order that way because sometimes they don’t come around with the things I want.

The Menu | Mark off what you want and give it to the waiter so you don’t have to wait for what you want to come around.

The Food


These meatballs were so tender and had great flavor. They almost forgot to pour the sweet soy sauce over it until I asked!

Pork and Crab Roe Sui Mai

These were pretty good, but nothing you can’t get at an other dim sum restaurant.

Crispy Wild Rice Noodles with Shrimp

I was very intrigued by the purple coloring as it’s normally just rice noodle color (white). I guess wild rice is a purple color? Regardless, it pretty much tasted like a regular rice noodle with shrimp, only it has a Chinese donut in the middle! I liked the added surprise of the crispy and fried texture that the donut gave in addition to the soft rice noodle and the tasty shrimp.

Seaweed and Seafood Crispy Rice Gruel

I wanted a another noodle dish and my mom picked this one since she’s had it at other places and said it was really good. It’s pretty much vermicelli noodles that is soft on the inside and fried on the outside so that it’s crispy. I liked the texture of the soft/crispy noodles, but it could have used a bit more flavor.

Pandan Flavored Custard Tart

I was also curious about these green egg tarts! These were pandan flavored custard tarts which is a light coconut flavor. I thought this was pretty good as it did give a hint of coconut. Though it was good, I wasn’t super impressed and thought it was more of a novelty.

Charcoal Sweet Crepe Roll

This crepe roll on the other hand was my favorite! I love the crisp of the crepe and the amazing flavors of the nut and coconut filling inside. For whatever reason, they actually brought out this dessert first. I had it before my meal and I regretted not getting another order to finish the meal. I would come back for this.


Overall, HL Peninsula Restaurant has a cool new twist to a lot of common dim sum items. For the most part, I like all the dishes that I got. I liked some more than others, but I had fun trying all of them. Come here if you want to try something more than just a typical dim sum meal.


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