CUESA Summer Bash

I was lucky enough to enjoy a gorgeous warm San Francisco night and CUESA’s amazing summer bash – food and beverage tasting fundraiser with 45+ restaurants and 20+ bars to try from.

CUESA (Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture) is a non-profit who promotes a healthy food system through farmers markets and also provides education around it. Their mission is to “grow thriving communities through the power and joy of local food” and their vision is to “inspire a world that nourishes all people, local economies, and the living earth”. They hosted this summer bash fundraiser and it will to Foodwise Kids and Foodwise Teens, which encourages the next generation to eat more healthy.

The venue for this even was the Ferry Building. Upon entering, I was immediately greeted by a row of restaurants. I helped myself to an oyster and other light appetizers and grabbed a Secretariat Jelup from the Treasury who snipped a fresh piece of mint for my drink right on-site!

I headed inside and the whole ferry building was set up with so much food, drinks and even activities. I had a sample of pretty much every food item and I loved every single item. I even enjoyed the ones were I was hesitant about, like the ones with peas (I hate peas). I tried a few of the cocktails as well and they were all fresh and delicious. Also, the set up and presentation of these restaurants and bars are amazing! In addition to being delicious, they were all picture worthy as well. I loved that this organization is all about the farmers market and produce and it definitely reflected in all the tastings. Everything was so vibrant, crisp and fresh.

Foodwise Kids/Teens were there too with little activities like choosing what your personaliTEA is (mine was Zesty) or planting a seed of leadership – justice, opportunity or knowledge. In addition, there was silent auction and a passport game you can play to be entered into a raffle.

Overall, it was an AMAZING and DELICIOUS event. I would totally recommend anyone to attend this event, and we’re all eating and drinking for a good cause, right?

And of course… here are some amazing food and drink pics from the event:



Not pictured:

  • Carboniste Modern Sparkling Wine
  • Fort Point Beer Company
  • Marlin Kombucha
  • Tintype Winery
  • Twomile Wines
  • J.H. Cutter
  • Broc Cellars
  • Ferdinand Wines
  • Freemand Vineyard & Winery