Christmas in the City

San Francisco

I hate winter – it’s cold, dark and rainy, but I do love Christmas and surrounding myself with Christmas things. I took an a night to go hunting for some Christmas spirit around San Francisco. Here are a few places you should check out if you want to enjoy some Christmas as well:

Gingerbread house at the Fairmont Hotel

Gingerbread – one of the many delicious smells of Christmas. The Fairmont Hotel took it to the extreme and built a 25 ft. high gingerbread house in their lobby. This year, they even included an area where people can eat in the gingerbread house. You can walk through the gingerbread house (be warned, there is probably a line), but you’ll be able to get a whiff of that sweet scent as you get closer. It’s such an impressive sight!

Holiday themed drinks at Pacific Cocktail Haven

I’ve heard that Pacific Cocktail Haven has some of the best cocktails in San Francisco. I was browsing instagram one day and saw a picture of their bar fully decked out in Christmas decorations and knew that I had to make a stop. Not only is the bar holiday-ish, they also have a holiday only cocktail menu as well. We tried a couple of their drinks (A buddy’s nog and A partridge in a pear tree) and they were both delicious. I’m pretty sure it was one of the best eggnog drinks I’ve ever had. At $15 a drink, it was pricey but a nice treat. I definitely recommend this bar to put you in the holiday mood.

Tom and Jerry’s House

Located on a steep hill on 21st street is this insanely decorated house that stands out from every other house on the block (I’m sure the other houses gave up). You can see a fully decorated tree, a roof wrapped like presents, stockings taller than I am, moving toy trains, ferris wheels made out of k’nex, toys everywhere and even Santa if you come at the right time. The list goes on, and you’d have to come here yourself to experience the full effect of this house.

86 ft. tree in Union Square

It’s always impressive to see a ginormous Christmas tree. Right in the center of Union Square and in front of the 8 story Macy’s, an 86 ft. Christas tree is always put up promptly after Thanksgiving. There’s always a tree lighting ceremony with a performance and an ice rink next to it as well. Grab a cup of cocoa and take pictures by the tree or watch the skaters.

Happy Holidays!


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