Can you sous vide a steak and lobster at the same time?

I enjoy cooking once in a while, but I hate waiting. Ironically, I have patience to sous vide something. I wanted to sous vide a steak and lobster tails for a nice dinner, but I didn’t want to cook them separately since it would take so long. So can you sous vide a steak and a lobster at the same time?

What is sous vide?

Sous vide is French for “under vacuum”. It’s a way of cooking where you put your food (usually meat or vegetables) into an airtight plastic pouch or glass jar and you cook it in a temperature controlled water bath. You use a precision cooking machine to make sure that the water temperature is consistent. It takes longer than cooking something over the stove or in the oven, but the result is evenly cooked restaurant quality food.

What we got

We got the Anova Precision Cooker.

How to use it

  1. Get a pot or a container that can hold hot water.
  2. Clip your precision cooker to the side of your container. Plug it in and set it to the recommended temperature for whatever you’re cooking.
  3. Marinate your food and put it in an airtight bag. Make sure that there is no air in your bag.
  4. When the water is at the recommended temperature, clip the bag to the side of the container.
  5. Let it sit there until the recommended time of cooking.


An 8oz steak is recommended to cook 130 degree Fahrenheit at 2 hours for a medium rare steak.

We actually had one giant ribeye steak and cut it in half to make 2 8oz steaks. We kept it simple and seasoned it with just a little salt and pepper before sealing it up.

Lobster Tail

A lobster tail is recommended to cook at 134 degrees Fahrenheit at 1 hour.

To prep the lobster tail, we took it out of it’s shell and cooked just the meat itself. We melted some butter, chopped up some garlic and marinated the lobster tail with it for a garlic butter lobster tail.

Can you sous vide steak and lobster tail at the same time?

Yes! We set the precision cooker to 134 degrees F since we didn’t mind if the steak became more medium than rare. We put the steaks in the pot first to cook for 2 hours and at the 1 hour mark, we put the lobster tails in so they can finish cooking at the same time.

When the steak was done, we seared each side for just about a minute each on the cast iron for a nice crust.

We left the lobster tail how it was because we wanted it soft and juicy.

The result

The result was a perfectly cooked steak and a perfectly cooked lobster tail. We couldn’t believe how soft, tender and easy to cut both the steak and the lobster was. Each piece was really delicious and we had some restaurant quality stuff on our plates. I’ve always been afraid of cooking lobster because I don’t want to screw up something so expensive, but I’m excited to know that I can cook it perfectly now!


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