Birthdays. If I had to sum up what that meant, it would be CAKE. Somehow, I’ve ended up being the go-to to organize the “surprise” cake for the birthday person in my department at work.

As much as I love picking out the cake, it’s a little stressful sometimes. I’m always in a competition with myself to see if I can get a better cake, a more unique cake, or a cooler cake. The previous cake I got for a co-worker was a delicious red velvet cake with her favorite bitmoji screen printed on top. That was definitely a crowd favorite and I knew that people were excited to see what I would bring in next.

Ordering the cake

After a long search, my excessive instagram browsing of food and desserts finally proved to be useful as I found the perfect next cake. I went to the Batter.Bake.Eat website and submitted a quick order form following their simple guidelines. It was that easy.


2 numbers = $80

1 number = $60

1 letter = $60

Shipping = $10 around San Francisco

The Cake

Steven (the owner) personally delivered it to the office. He even threw in a couple of cupcakes as well. When I opened the bag, the presentation of the cake exceeded my expectations. The cookie was perfectly baked into the letter “A”, the icing was perfectly piped and the decorations were perfectly placed. I literally could not wait to surprise my co-worker with this cake as this was something I wish someone would have gotten me!

The Surprise

The surprise is really not a surprise anymore. Everyone knows that they are getting a treat on their birthday. The actual surprise is finding out which random meeting the team is going to barge into while bringing in your treat and singing you happy birthday. To my delight, everyone loved the cookie cake as this is the first time many of them have seen a cake like this. We let there be a round of admiration and picture taking before cutting into the cake.

The Verdict

Not only was the cookie cake really pretty, but it was delicious as well. They don’t really describe it on the website, but the cookie is a shortbread cookie, (which I love, but who am I kidding? I love all cookies) with a buttercream frosting, which was thick and had the perfect amount of sweetness. The macarons were soft, the fruit was fresh, and the fresh flowers added a pretty decorative touch. Usually pretty things don’t taste as good as they look, but I was happy that this one did! Overall, everyone loved it, including the birthday girl which was all that mattered. I took a note from my Kate Spade tumbler cup to “eat cake for breakfast”, which I gladly did the next day.



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