Bake Cheese Tart

Bake Cheese Tart | 865 Market St, LL1 Ste 16, San Francisco, CA 94103

You know these Bake Cheese Tarts are popular when you bring them home to share with your parents and both of them know everything about them. Apparently, they’re so popular, that there’s segment about these tarts on the Chinese news. And then it occurs to me that my parents are probably one of the few people who still watch the news.

I heard that on the grand opening day, the wait was 3 hours. Luckily, I waited a few weeks out and only had to wait half an hour on a Saturday afternoon. There is literally only 3 things they sell: cheese tarts, chocolate cheese tarts and coffee. It kind of blows my mind how long it takes for 1 employee to put the tarts in a box (that 2-3 employees had already baked) and 1 to ring you up.


The cheese tarts are shipped from Hokkaido. Or if you’re lucky and early enough, you can get their chocolate cheese tarts in their collaboration with Dandelion Chocolate. My guess is they make their own coffee though.


It’s located in the San Francisco Westfield Mall downtown. It’s at the bottom level where the food court is and the line is so long that it goes into the BART station.


$3.50 for 1 or $21 for 6. I will do the math for you. There is zero savings when you buy 6. The chocolate ones are 15 cents pricier per a tart as well.

6 Bake Cheese Tart


The crust of the tart was super butter-y and crunchy. The filling was super soft, creamy and fluffy, a little tangy/savory, and had the slightest hint of cheese flavor. If you buy 6, it comes it a cool box with a little shelving unit so you can have 2 levels with separators. The bottom “shelf” also pulls out for easy access of the tarts.

You can eat them warm or you can eat them cold. I did both. The warm one has a silky and lava cake like texture. The cold one is still really soft like a denser whipped yogurt texture.

I think for a half hour wait, it was worth to see what the hype was. They were pretty good, and I like the texture and the flavor, but it’s definitely on the pricey side. It’s worth the try but honestly, I rather go to Chinatown and grab a giant egg tart for $1 as this is what it reminds me of. Go check it out for yourself though!




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